President Biden: Kids Don’t Belong To Their Parents

Earlier this week on Wednesday, the White House held the 2022 Teacher of the Year ceremony during which President Joe Biden claimed that the children don’t belong to their parents while they are in a classroom.

He spoke to the teachers in the ceremony and said that the children in a classroom are like their own, and it’s important to recognize that. In his speech, he included criticism of the GOP and parent protests in local school areas to remove radical gender and racial ideologies from the education system.

Biden noted that politicians were trying to gain political support by banning books and removing certain elements of the curriculum to please these parent movements. He added that they were doing so because the education system and books didn’t fit their political agenda.

These comments were similar to those made by leftist Terry McAuliffe last year, where he stated that parents should not be a part of what is being taught at public schools. His Republican counterpart and the current governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, argued that parents have the first right to be in charge of what their kids are being taught.

Adding to the trend of allowing parental rights in education, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis signed a Parental Rights in Education law. This law does not allow discussions of sexual and gender identity in the classrooms with children up to grade 3 so that parents can discuss these things with their children however they deem fit.

Many progressives are bitter over these parental-choice policies because they seem to garner a lot of political support for the Republicans. Many people including MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace and President of the American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten, have equated these republican actions with warmongering, misinformation, and dehumanization.

A recent survey discovered that not only do parental-choice policies appeal to conservatives, but they have also gathered support from many moderates as well.