Private Chats of Jan. 6 Committee’s ‘Star Witness’ Further Destroy Her Credibility

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Committee rolled out the red carpet last month for Cassidy Hutchinson, the former Trump White House staffer they expected to be a prime-time star. Her testimony began to crumble virtually before she even completed it, and now a report revealing her private chat transcripts tell a very different story than the one she told the country under oath.

The transcripts were obtained by The Federalist and cover the period since December 2020. Hutchinson has not disputed the validity of the transcripts or commented on them since the report was published on Tuesday.

The report concluded that Hutchinson communicated extensively with other targets of the committee about how little information she had about any wrongdoing that day and lamented how corrupt the politicized committee was.

Hutchinson spoke in favor of President Trump and the administration consistently throughout the chat conversations.

Then she was issued a subpoena by Pelosi’s committee last November. Less than a week after being served with the notice to testify, she described the panel as a “phony committee. She told her chat group that she would have very little to say to the committee.

She also told a colleague that she would have nothing to offer the committee and made a vulgar reference to chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS).

Three months after January 6, she told her group that she would “rather shoot myself dead into the Potomac” than see Marine One flying in Washington without President Trump again.

She joked with her chat group that she was trying to decide which image of President Trump she would use as her background image while giving video testimony to the committee.

During a conversation about a sweatshirt that Hutchinson owns that has a “45” emblem, she responded, “I’m an insurrectionist.”

Hutchinson also referred to the two GOP members of the panel who were selected by Pelosi, Reps. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) as a “crop of losers.” She described them as the “Republican martyrs” whose “egos are too f—– big.”

Regarding Cheney, she wrote that even if “Trump were to fall off the face of the Earth,” her neocon policies are not where the party is headed.

Even after Hutchinson was given lavish praise by CNN host Jim Acosta, she maintained a private condescension toward the attention of the corporate media. Acosta told her, “Thank you for your bravery and courage. We and the American people look forward to learning more from your testimony.”

Hutchinson later sent a chat message that she had received multiple “snarky responses” but decided to “let it go.” She added, “I couldn’t give less of a f— what CNN thinks of me. Truly.”

Of course, Hutchinson was praised as a heroic figure by Democrats and the media before her credibility problems led the J6 production to look elsewhere for ratings and fundraising opportunities.