Professional Loser Beto Gets To Lose Again

The professional loser of elections Robert Francis O’Rourke or Beto, to those who like to virtue signal will get another chance to lose this November again. He won the Democratic primary in Texas, allowing him to get thrashed by incumbent Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott currently leads Beto by a comfortable margin of 8.8 percentage points.

You can bet that the first thing the Abbott campaign is going to do is run an ad about the following tweet on Texas television every single day.

All they need to do is put that sentence up on billboards all over Texas and that is before Beto even puts his foot in his mouth for the first time on the campaign trail.

Understandably Beto realizes this tweet might be a problem in a state where children get AR-15s as 12-year-old birthday presents. As such, he has tried to modify his stance recently by saying, “I’m not interested in taking anything from anyone.” Except for your money (more taxes), your ability to choose what your children learn in school (Critical Race Theory) and your pride if forced to wear some of the merchandise from his online store.

Has anyone considered the possibility that black as your campaign brand is not sending the right message? You know, black, the color of death? Perhaps the candidate knows this will be a historically bad campaign season for the Democrats and his campaign. Greg Abbott senses the weakness and is already winning the online store game with this gem on his website.

Beto’s current plan is to bring up the near-catastrophic power outage last year that plunged thousands of Texans and their families into darkness. The one problem with this strategy is the lights stayed on so far this year, aka problem fixed so far and a year is an eternity in an election cycle. Since then, we have already been through a pandemic and a potential world war.

If the polls and the candidate’s online stores are any indications, Beto will get crushed.