Protesters Yell ‘Biden You Betrayed Us’ At Anti-Taliban Rally In DC

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Members of the Afghan diaspora and their supporters protested in Washington, D.C., on Sunday amid the Taliban’s aggressive operations in Kabul, Afghanistan, NPR reported.

The protesters gathered in Lafayette Park, right across from the White House, NPR reported. Hundreds of people from various parts of the country gathered there to protest on Sunday, according to NPR. They were numerous chants including those that said, “Free Afghanistan!” and “Save Afghanistan!” NPR reported.

The Daily Caller tweeted a video of the protest as it unfolded. Protesters can be heard on this video chanting, “Biden you betrayed us!” and “Congress you betrayed us!”

The Biden administration came under criticism for their handling of Afghanistan as the Taliban has made significant progress in retaking Afghanistan. Additionally, Biden faced criticism Sunday for being on vacation at Camp David as the crisis in Afghanistan continues to unfold.

“I don’t think he’s taken one question from the press this entire weekend, so this is a frightening situation,” said Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan.

“No person who calls themselves the President of the United States should be on vacation while the world crumbles down around them. The dereliction of duty continues,” Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted.

The Taliban took over several provincial capitals in Afghanistan this week. They recently took over Kabul and are reportedly set to declare the country as the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” according to The Associated Press on Sunday.