Psaki Has Two Dumb Reasons For The Price Of Gas

White House Propagandist, I mean Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, has had to do some severe spinning of her short time at the White House. Biden has quickly claimed the title of the worst American president ever and will spend the rest of his time in office shooting for the worst world leader ever. Psaki’s lies can be told most often without someone laughing aloud but not this time.

The Democrats seem to think that Americans are dumb and have no memory. A few short years ago, America was energy-independent and affordable gas under Trump. The tech spin machine is trying to hide that from you, however. If you google “gas under Trump,” the first three pages are fact checks and articles about how claims of low gas during the last administration are false. Here are the problem tech overlords, everyone remembers going to the pump and not having a meltdown about the price. As the current price rises, the difference will only become starker in everyone’s mind.

Psaki’s smug comments that the oil companies should “get more oil” is an argument a high school debater would make. No one believes that the oil companies are dragging their feet to make more money. No one. Americans will tolerate a lot from their politicians. They know that their politicians lie, but it is tolerated if the powers do not stray too far from reality. Currently, Psaki is on a different planet. People will not tolerate being treated as if they are morons.

It leads me to this gem.

It is all Putin’s fault! Why is Jen Psaki putting a video like this out in the first place? Is the Transportation Secretary too busy explaining gender pronouns while on family leave again? Shouldn’t the president be the person telling the country why gas and inflation are the highest ever? Oh, that’s right, he is in Delaware eating ice cream. It looks like they are putting Jen Psaki out there like she is running the country. However, no one believes that or her explanation for why ordinary Americans must suffer under this administration.

Their anger will continue to build with every uptick in gas prices, no matter what propaganda Jen Psaki puts out there. The real question to be answered is what will the American public do about it?