Putin Critic’s Lawyer Smuggles an Anti-Putin Op Ed Out of Jail

Vladimir Kara-Murza is a voice of opposition against Russian President Vladimir Putin and has recently been targeted by the country’s authorities. After giving an interview with CNN, he was picked up and sentenced to jail for disobeying authorities. While he was in jail, his lawyer smuggled out an op-ed where he claimed that Russia will soon be free of Putin’s rule.

Kara-Murza is being targeted for his anti-war stance, a stance that is now the minority in Russia.

Right now, Putin’s popularity among ethnic Russians is rising. The extensive sanctions from the west have cultivated an environment that there is nothing more to lose now; so, Putin’s best option is to continue with his current trajectory in Ukraine and win the war for whatever gains it brings. On top of this, Biden’s sanctions are proving to be ineffective at inflicting serious damage, as Russia has found friendly markets for its exports of over 2 billion people in China and India, alone — and their partnerships aren’t limited to China and India.

India, China and other nations are glad to purchase energy from Russia, and are now doing deals in rubles and yuan — which puts the U.S. petrodollar in jeopardy. And, instead of crashing, the ruble has rebounded to prewar levels.

As much as CNN and the mainstream media would like to prop up dissidents like Kara-Murza, it is an incredibly dangerous position for him to take.

If Putin fails to achieve his objectives in Ukraine, he will certainly be vulnerable. If that happens, dissidents like Kara-Murza and Navalny have positioned themselves to be the next generation of Russia’s leaders. If Putin succeeds, the men will be mere footnotes in the Russian president’s next chapter.