Rachel Levine On ‘Transitioning’ After Puberty: ‘I Can’t Imagine A Life Without My Children’

Joe Biden’s Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine is being blasted online over “pure hypocrisy” after he expressed relief that he had his children before undergoing a so-called ‘transition,’ despite currently advocating for pre-pubescent ‘gender-affirming’ care, which is to say practicing genital mutilation surgeries on and pumping hormones into children.

In a bit of footage that resurfaced and was shared massively online this week, Levine explained that he is glad he ended up doing his attempted gender switch later in life. The comments came after a meeting of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine in 2019, reported Breitbart News.

“If I transitioned when I was young then I wouldn’t have my children. I can’t imagine a life without my children,” Levine, who is now urging to allow irreversible ‘transgender’ mutilation operations for minors, can be seen saying in the clip.

This statement by Levine seemed to contradict some of his other stated views. Last month, he publicly argued in favor of allowing such extreme and irreversible surgical processes for minors, telling a crowd attending a discussion at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center that soon, “the wheels will turn” on acceptance of the practice.

In that same session, Levine asserted that children who suffer from these afflictions but ultimately have their delusions affirmed “actually have excellent mental health outcomes.”

Political commentator Dave Rubin reacted to Levine’s remarks on being happy he first had kids before declaring himself a different gender, asking, “Why doesn’t this guy want people to have the same opportunity as him?”

“So, this guy who’s pushing as hard as he can for YOU to be cool with chemical castration and surgical mutilation of your child, is glad he waited to start his ‘transition’ because had he done it soon he wouldn’t have his children. That’s rich,” posted radio show host Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo.

Levine has pointed out that the so-called ‘gender-affirming care’ for minors enjoys the “highest support” of the Biden administration.

These claims of support by Biden appear to be true, given that the administration has openly advocated for the practice, specifically claiming that hormone therapy is appropriate for teens and that even so-called ‘gender-affirming’ surgeries are on a “case-by-case” basis.

Surveys have indicated that the majority of Americans are against the transgender movement targeting children, especially via drag shows, schools, and social media.

Drugs that have been used for children who are undergoing a so-called gender transition include Lupron, which has been used to chemically castrate sex offenders.

Last week, Biden attacked the state of Florida for banning these types of permanent procedures on children, saying the state’s move is “close to sinful.”