Racist Whoopi Goldberg Is ‘Suspended’ But Should Be ‘Fired’ As AOC Chimes In

AOC thinks Whoopi getting almost booted from “The View” for remarks where she claimed that the Holocaust was not about race was not cool. Goldberg attempted to explain her idiotic statement, and AOC decided to defend her defense.

Preposterous statements about race and genocide rarely go well. For years, The View has been an idiotic, hostile, and misleading source of information for clapping seals and foolish jobless Americans. And now, the unstoppable dunce Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reprimanded ABC for suspending Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi made ridiculous comments attempting to recast the Holocaust, where 6 million Jewish people were annihilated by the German Nazi war machine, as something other than racial hatred.

Most Jewish voters are cast to support the Democrat Party, which is ideologically liberal. Barack Obama’s pitiful treatment of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not change the minds of most Jewish voters who continue to support Democrats. The Democrat mouthpiece Whoopi Goldberg’s heartless babble will not change anything. The Republican Party would welcome logical and clear-thinking Jewish people who see attacking racism as requiring a unified approach rather than greater divisions.

Whoopi Goldberg is just one more person who joins the historical discrimination against Jews. She seems to think of Jews as White Europeans who happened to get caught up in a perfect hate storm in 20th century Germany. Her comments demonstrate the malleable ethnic markers of many groups and the danger that treating people based on racial identities or skin color creates.

Goldberg said that the Holocaust was about “man’s barbarism to man” and “not about race.” She continued, “This is white people doing it to white people, so you’re all going to battle among yourselves.” Twitter blew up and ridiculed her clueless remarks.

More people are oblivious about the Holocaust because we have stopped teaching history as an integrated subject. American schools are focused on racial classification but not on morality and natural law. In a 2020 survey, 63% of Americans under 40 did not know that 6 million Jews were murdered in World War II, and 10% did not know the “Holocaust” was. This ignorance perpetuates violence like the 2018 slaughter at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life temple, where 11 Jewish people were killed and six injured.

Goldberg later offered a fake apology and said she considers bigotry based on skin tone. Kim Godwin, ABC News President, stated, “while Whoopi has apologized,” but she is suspended. Then AOC cried foul. She proposed that Whoopi’s suspension was excessive. Her expression of remorse was good enough, let racism roll on. Ocasio-Cortez said that Goldberg had learned her lesson, and it was all good. Let the yapping continue. Democrats protect Democrats.

AOC enthusiastically believes that Goldberg has an ally of Jewish people, so that should cover her mistakes and give her a pass. Jonathan Greenblatt, director of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL), acknowledged Whoopi’s statement of regret. The ADL changed its website to reflect a new definition of racism from favoritism toward Whites to marginalization of non-Whites. Greenblatt said that bigotry in the United States appears more extensive and foundational than the ADL initially thought it did.

Now the ADL will unequivocally recognize ethnic minorities by their victimization by racial oppressors. But Ilhan Omar, a member of the squad, noted Anti-Semite, and a good friend of AOC did not offer her comments on Whoopi’s situation.