Radical Left-Wing Activists Make Joe Manchin Their Most Up To date Target

The Democrat Party is not very pleased with West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin. Despite Manchin being a Democrat himself, he’s made it very clear he doesn’t plan on bending the knee to the political left, even in Congress. 

It has led to Manchin incurring the wrath of President Biden and progressives across the nation. It’s not uncommon for these progressives to go on social media, raging about how terrible Manchin is and how Democrats need to expand their Senate majority, so Manchin’s vote has less power. 

Right now, with the Senate divided evenly between 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans, getting Manchin’s vote on the legislation is a must for the left to get anything done.

According to The Next News Network, radical left-wing activists are playing all their cards to try and force the West Virginia senator to do their bidding.

On Thursday, climate change activists took it upon themselves to purposefully block Manchin’s car in the middle of a parking lot. After boasting online about this, these same climate change activists later declared the Democrat senator attempted to “run them over.” 

Online video footage shows individuals surrounding a greyish vehicle with Manchin presumably inside. In the background, multiple cars can be heard honking as the individuals hold up traffic and try to stop the senator from exiting the premises. 

These idiotic individuals are seen carrying various signs and screaming for the lawmaker to pass climate change legislation. The car is then seen backing up slightly, causing the demonstrators to move. Finally, Manchin’s car pulls off, and the video footage ends.

Democrats may not care for Manchin, but the claim that he was trying to “run over” these activists is ridiculous. If anything, the video footage posted online shows the car trying to leave without hitting any people intentionally standing in the way.

The antics seen by the climate change activists in the aforementioned video have to be some of the dumbest moves ever. Do these people think they’re going to change Manchin’s mind by bullying him and attempting to strand him in a parking lot? 

That’s the problem with the left in 2021, though. Democrats think they can bully anyone who doesn’t bend to their will, even if that person entails another fellow Democrat. The radical left will stop at absolutely nothing to try and get their way. 

Then, if it doesn’t work, leftists spread lies to bring everything crashing down. What a shame.