Rapper Cardi B Unleashes Expletive-Laced Tirade Against Inflation

For anyone who has visited a supermarket or attempted to make practically any purchase during the first two years of the Biden administration, the impact of inflation is unavoidable.

Heart-wrenching stories have highlighted Americans who have been forced to choose between buying groceries and life-saving medication. Many older citizens have either postponed retirement or returned to the workforce in order to deal with rising costs.

Now, the situation has become so dire that even wealthy entertainers are beginning to take notice and call for action. Rapper Cardi B exemplified that trend in a social media video that spared no profanity in decrying the impact of inflation.

“When I go to the f—ing supermarket like I went to the supermarket, I’m seeing everything tripled up,” she said. “Lettuce was like $2 a couple of months ago, and now it’s like f—ing seven.”

Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar Cephus, reacted harshly to critics who wondered why she would be concerned about the price of groceries given her financial status.

“That just goes to show people when you become successful when you have money, you’re going to f—ing go broke soon because y’all, not budgeting,” she said. “I get a summary of the money that’s being spent in my home every week, so when I’m starting to see that like groceries is tripling up, it’s like, hey, yo, what the f— is going on? I want to see for myself what the f— s— is being spent on.”

The entertainer went on to elaborate on her true motivation for shedding light on this serious issue.

“Of course, I’m going to say something,” she concluded. “The f—? Because if I think that s— is crazy, I can only imagine what middle-class people or people in the hood motherf—ing thinking. So yes, I’m going to say something. The f—? And I have a big platform, so I do want anybody that’s responsible for these f—ing prices to put that s— the f— down.”

In adherence with the adage that politics makes strange bedfellows, the rapper, who has previously endorsed the far-left presidential bids of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), earned support from some conservatives in response to her Twitter tirade.

According to an I&I/TIPP survey in June, nearly two-thirds of respondents — including 53% of Democrats — said they believe Biden’s economic policies are “responsible” or “very responsible” for the inflation spike.