Reality Is Beginning To Dawn On Left-Wing Strategists

There are a variety of problems today’s Democrat Party is facing with no easy exit. For starters, Democrats got a president into office who is ultimately making a fool of himself and destroying the nation in the process.

A growing number of voters are catching into it, as well. It is why a recent analysis of Biden’s approval vs. disapproval ratings across the nation shows he carries less than about 50% approval in 48 states.

It shows that even intensely blue states that handed Biden electoral votes in 2020 aren’t so thrilled with how his presidency is shaking out.

Amid the myriad issues associated with the 46th president and his administration disaster, left-wing strategies finally acknowledge the reality that Democrats are in real trouble as PJ Media Confirms.

Problems for the Democrat Party are deep-seated and systemic. Third Way, a leftist organization, recently conversed with Politico regarding the challenges Democrats face.

First and foremost, it’s become apparent that the left-wing voter base is mainly unaware of actual actions the Democrat Party has taken. Many of these Americans weren’t even able to cite the recent passage of the $1.2 faux infrastructure legislation Biden and congressional Democrats have been bragging about.

The economy serves as yet another fundamental problem for the Democrat Party. No matter how much leftist leaders try to spin the situation, Americans of all political stripes face higher living costs across the board. Inflation has become such a menace that it’s leading wage growth in the United States.

Ultimately, the Democrat Party banned passing various bills through Congress as the key to keeping power during the 2022 midterm elections. However, the studies of left-wing strategists make it very clear that voters don’t care much about this.

The problems facing the Democrat Party are inevitable. They allowed the outcomes of 2020 to go to their heads, getting greedy instead of prioritizing the best interests of the American people.

Democrats rejected any possibility of working with Republicans the moment Democrats gained majority power in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

What’s most ironic about all this is that leftists are the architect of their political misfortune. Their greed, hubris, and lack of foresight have led them to a place where losing the midterms is all but assured.

Having Democrats monopolize power in the federal government has not done the United States any favors. Come November 2022, American voters will have the chance to rectify this problem.