Relative Of Afghans Killed By US Drone Strike Rejects Pentagon Apology

USA launched a drone strike on August 29th after the suicide bombing outside Kabul airport that killed 13 US soldiers. ISIS-K was responsible for the bombing, and what it seemed like had targeted the US soldiers who were trying to evacuate the citizens. The US launched the drone strike in retaliation to the bombing, but according to reports, it did not kill a single ISIS-K member but ended up killing 17 Afghan citizens.

The survivor of the drone attack that reportedly killed the ten members of his family, including children, openly stated that those responsible should be punished and that the apology from the government is not enough. During a conference held by General Kenneth McKenzie, only ten civilians, including children, were killed in the drone attack that struck the vehicle suspected to be the ISIS-K vehicle. He also admitted that civilians were driving the vehicle, and it was unlikely that the people who died were associated with ISIS-K. He apologized for the grave mistake.

On the other hand, the family asked for compensation in terms of financial assistance and relocation to the US or some other country. The survivor, Emal Ahmadi, stated his daughter was one of his family members that passed away in the airstrike that attacked the vehicle. The US military is still defending the attack by saying that it targeted the ISIS-K facilitator to hamper the activities of the terrorist group. But the driver of the vehicle attacked was found to be an employee of the US humanitarian organization.

Mckenzie reassured that the family would be provided reparations by the US to make up for their tragic loss, but that does not mean they can get away with it. After this incident, the Biden Administration will be plagued, followed by criticisms for Afghanistan Withdrawal.