Rep. Johnson Suggests Classified Documents ‘Planted’ At Biden Home

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) believes that classified documents found at the residence of President Joe Biden may have been “planted.” Johnson called for more investigation into the discovery of sensitive materials in the president’s garage.

Addressing a Fox News reporter, the Democrat expressed his belief that the timing of the discovery is suspicious and that foul play may be involved.

Johnson said his response is that so much needs to be investigated. However, he quickly zeroed in on what he believed was the benefit to former President Donald Trump, who faces similar allegations.

He said he is “suspicious of the timing of it” and that he knows “that things can be planted on people.” Johnson asserted that “things can be planted in places and then discovered conveniently. That may be what occurred here. I’m not ruling that out.”

Johnson, like his Democratic colleagues and their mainstream media allies, doubled down on his assertion that the situations of Biden and Trump are vastly different. He added that what has been found in Biden’s possession does not compare with the materials held by the former president.

Almost as outlandish as the representative’s conspiracy theory was his praise for the Department of Justice having recovered from the years of “politicization” under the former president.

The current president is now in the center of an explosive controversy after classified documents were found in an office at his University of Pennsylvania think tank.

The firestorm only intensified when another batch of classified materials were discovered in his garage in Wilmington, Delaware.

Other Democrats also rushed to the defense of the president. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) called Biden’s possession of classified documents “inadvertent” and brushed off any breach of security.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) declared that “it’s irresponsible to not disclose when you have documents” and credited the president with doing that. Like Schiff, she asserted that he is “working cooperatively” with authorities to ensure everything is disclosed.

Of course, that disclosure waited for two months after the November midterms.

Two things are clear. The federal government does not have a handle on classified documents the way that most would assume it does. And the breathless persecution of one president followed by the opposite reaction to the same charge for the next is textbook hypocrisy.