Rep. Ronny Jackson Lays Energy Crisis at Biden’s Feet

In an interview with Newsmax last week, Rep. Ronny JacksoN (R-TX) did not hold back when talking about who was to blame for the United States’ current energy disaster. He pointed out how the Biden administration keeps trying to blame others such as Russian President Vladamir Putin or former President Donald Trump for the crisis, but asserted that it is President Biden’s policies that are solely to blame.

Biden has a long history of attacking American energy. On the campaign trail, he promised to do away with fossil fuels completely. And he followed through with that promise when he canceled the Keystone pipeline on the first day of his presidency.

There have been public pushes to tackle high gas prices, but these have been cosmetic in nature. Biden has released oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, to little effect on the high prices still faced by Americans.

The reason is that the United States consumes 20 million barrels of oil a day. The most recent move only released 1 million barrels a day, with some of that oil being transported to our allies in Europe who are desperate for it because of the sanctions on Russian exports.

Although the administration is saying all the right things, behind the scenes they continue to make matters worse. President Biden just canceled oil leases on 1 million acres in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. This refutes one of the administration’s lame excuses, specifically when outgoing White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed that too many oil and gas companies were prioritizing their profits over helping Americans. Just like the “Putin price hike” arguments, no one believes this either, especially when the administration denies those companies areas to drill in.

Jackson is correct to hold President Biden responsible for our record gas prices and the energy crisis; couple this with the fact that inflation is at an all-time high, and it is hard to see how the administration pulls its poll numbers out of their current death spiral. And with the midterm elections quickly approaching, it may be too late to turn the Democrats’ ship around in time to avoid the coming red wave.