Report: Biden Administration Concerned By Lack Of Female, Non-Binary Terrorists In Taliban’s Interim Government

Taliban’s in Kabul have announced their cabinet members as they form their government. But despite their promises of an inclusive government referring to female participation in the governmental sphere, there is no sign of female representation, and the US has expressed their great concern over it.

The Biden Administration is very alarmed at the complete lack of gender diversity in the government. In fact, according to a statement by the State Department’s spokesperson, they were expecting an inclusive government from the Taliban as all Afghans deserve to have representation, but there is a complete lack thereof. They also noted that all cabinet members were Taliban’s or their associates.

The Taliban had promised an inclusive government not very long ago. According to the Shariah Law, they pledged to uphold women’s rights, which allows for equitable representation of both genders in the state’s affairs. Shortly after, they told women to stay inside their homes as Taliban militants roaming the streets were not trained to treat the women respectfully. And now, the announcement of the all-male cabinet is all the more concerning for the US as it is gradually going against everything they have been fighting for in Afghanistan for the past 20 years. US diplomat Ross Wilson warned the Taliban against international isolation due to their non-inclusive cabinet that expresses the lack of diversity and inclusion in the state’s law.

It isn’t the only concerning thing for the US. Some of the Cabinet members of the Taliban government are on the FBI’s most-wanted list. The appointed interior minister Sirajuddin Haqqani has been on the FBI’s list due to his involvement in the 2008 Kabul bombing in which a US citizen was killed. The US government has now announced $10 million for any information leading to his arrest. It is also probable that the rest of the Taliban’s in the government are also on the list, and the future of Afghanistan depends upon them.