Reporter ‘Gets More’ Than He Bargained For From Canadian Freedom Trucker

The Canadian Freedom Truckers protest continues in the capital city of Ottawa and has spread to other provinces in Canada. The authorities have done their best to demonize the protest from the start. At the very beginning of the protest, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau called the truckers a fringe minority who did not represent Canada’s values right before he ran away to an undisclosed location. As the situation dragged on, the rhetoric only increased with accusations of racism and some even going so far as to call the protest and insurrection akin to January 6.

This just in from the insurrection:

Setting up bouncy houses for the kids is the first step to a violent overthrow of the government. In what should be a Babylon Bee headline, “Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson Says It’s ‘Disturbing’ To See Kids Having Fun In Bouncy Castles At Trucker Protest.”

The keystone cops, aka the Ottawa police, have been having a tough time shutting down the protest since all the towing companies in the area have refused to assist the police. As a result, the police have had to get creative with strategies like unlawfully confiscating fuel without a warrant.

When that did not work, a government journalist thought it would be a promising idea to threaten to take away the trucker’s children for safety reasons. This suggestion did not go over well with one of the Freedom Truckers, who was offended at the notion he was putting his children at risk. In a particularly tone-deaf move, the journalist posted the exchange on his Twitter feed:

I am betting this reporter does not have children. Otherwise, he might not have played the Victim Card and been a little more understanding of a dad reacting to someone saying his kids should be taken away.

The one throughline throughout this protest is the total cluelessness of the people in charge. They cannot understand a group of people who mean what they say and have drawn a line in the sand for freedom. If the “elites” connected at all with the people they pretend to serve, they would not be in a constant state of surprise. The Canadians are teaching the world a thing or two, or twenty, about standing up for what you believe in. If it is a just world, they will prevail.