Republican Attorneys General Being Called to Act

Across the nation, there are multiple state-level elections underway. These races will determine how communities are run, whether or not the House and Senate flip red in November, and whether Republicans keep (or get into) governor’s mansions.

Throughout America, GOP candidates are hard at work to either secure their seats or win re-election. In doing so, Republicans are affirming their support for policies that empower people, uphold their rights and contribute to the overall betterment of society.

Arizona Republican Abe Hamadeh is one of those Republican candidates. Hamadeh is running to become Arizona’s next attorney general. In doing so, he’s sending a vital message to conservative attorneys general across the country.

A Pressing Call to Action
During an interview with Breitbart News, the Arizona AG hopeful said left-wing district attorneys with funding from liberal billionaire George Soros must be pushed back on.

Hamadeh affirmed that his vows to take on crime played a vital role in securing a campaign endorsement from former President Trump.

The Arizona Republican then warned America is facing a crisis where left-wing district attorneys are systematically working to take down law enforcement and undermine their work.

To counter this, Hamadeh believes attorneys general need to know the power available to them and use it. For instance, district attorneys can be easily overridden by attorneys general. Therefore, this means criminals can still be prosecuted even if Soros-funded district attorneys won’t act accordingly.

The Arizona GOP candidate’s remarks come at a pivotal time. In communities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, there have been uprisings and removals of left-wing district attorneys who are soft on crime.

This, too, was cited by Hamadeh as an example of why Republican attorneys general need to act now.

Growing Unhappiness With Pro-Crime Policies
Recent removals of left-wing district attorneys in Democrat-run communities speak volumes.

Ultimately, this shows that most Americans, regardless of party affiliation, don’t want to live in communities where they don’t feel safe to leave their homes.

If Soros-funded district attorneys continue to let criminals off easy and not crack down on lawlessness, they could very well face additional repercussions soon enough.