Republicans Call On Biden To Take ‘Cognitive Test’ So We Can Confirm What Everyone Already Knows

Newsmax recently reported that 38 Republican lawmakers asked Biden to take a cognitive test to mollify fears that he has developed dementia (for some reason, Newsmax insists on saying ‘nearly 40’ in their headlines because 38 is an insufficient number for some reason).

It is clear to even the most ardent supporters of the President that he is not as sharp as he once was. Biden was notorious for many gaffes over his extensive political career even before the brain aneurysms and advancing age. Biden has never been known as an intellectual giant ranging from outright lies to threatening to fight people, and sometimes both simultaneously (the good old Corn Pop yarn).

It is true that the political opposition routinely suggests that whoever holds the Oval Office is not qualified to have the nuclear codes. The Democrats attacked both Reagan and Trump on mental health grounds. Biden, however, has taken the concerns to a whole new level.

He routinely forgets where he is in the middle of sentences and has a habit of referring to Vice President Kamala Harris as the President. During his presidential run, he was confused about what office he was running for, claiming to be the candidate for the Senate. The list goes on and on.

The Administration, for its part, has not helped matters by severely limiting access to the President. Compared to the previous President, who communicated with everybody every few hours through social media, the long stretches between talking to the press allow the concerns to continue to grow among those paying attention.

However, the American legacy media covers for him relentlessly. To get any sense of what is happening, it is helpful to go to foreign media sources. Sky News Australia summed it up best, saying President Biden is mental “just holding on.” Let us hope the President holds on long enough with enough mental acuity to handle the job because I am not sure the world can handle a Kamala Harris presidency. One thing is for sure, and there is zero chance his handlers let Biden near a crossword puzzle, let alone any cognitive test.