Republicans Gear Up To Retake California From Democrats

The profoundly blue state of California is in some real trouble. For starters, they’re facing major crises in the areas of public safety, drugs, homelessness, business-friendliness, taxes, affordability of living, etc.

Time and time again, California leaders make decisions that are not in the best interests of their constituents. However, residents of the Golden State repeatedly vote for leftist candidates anyway, thereby ensuring the series of statewide crises persist.

During the second half of 2021, Californians were allowed to recall Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom. However, they dropped the ball and instead largely voted for Newsom to stay on as their governor until he’s up for re-election again this year.

With the California gubernatorial election getting closer and closer, Republicans in the state are gearing up to take back power from Democrats, as confirmed by PJ Media.

Conservative podcaster Larry Elder recently announced his new super PAC to help Republicans win congressional races and other critical elections, such as city-level races.

The Elder for America PAC also comes amid the conservative podcaster’s announcement that he will not be challenging Newsom in the state’s gubernatorial race this year. Ahead of this news, many conservatives wondered if Elder would run for California governor, considering his candidacy during the recall election in 2021.

Elder for America’s specific initiatives include direct contact with voters, fundraising for GOP congressional candidates, and campaigns centered around public education.

Larry Elder also announced that his candidacy during California’s 2021 recall election showed him that conservative messages connect with voters and make a difference. The right-wing podcaster additionally said he believes the Elder for America PAC can help put these connections to good use.

Right now, the Golden State is quite literally crumbling under ongoing, left-wing leaders. In 2021, California led the nation as one of the states with the most people leaving. Both individuals and businesses have departed California for states like Texas and Florida due to taxes, regulations, COVID restrictions, and other matters.

The 2021 recall election was mainly viewed as Republicans’ chance to take back California. However, the failure of the recall has led to many Americans’ beliefs that the state is essentially a lost cause.

Democrat voters in California outnumber their Republican counterparts by just about two to one. It will make it exceedingly challenging for any GOP candidate to get into the governor’s mansion anytime soon.