Republicans Remain Well-Positioned To Take Back The House Of Representatives

Less than one year remains until the 2022 midterm elections are held. The outcomes of these races will significantly impact how America proceeds with policies, leadership, and so much more.

Republicans are heading into the midterm election season on a solid footing. For starters, they’ve outraised Democrats dramatically this year. Let’s not forget that historically, the political party with power during the off-season midterms generally does not retain this power.

However, even if the aforementioned details weren’t relevant factors, Democrats have not put themselves in a solid position to hold onto congressional power. As pointed out by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the actions of Democrats make a case for Republicans to win the midterms next year, according to Twitchy.

In a tweet posted Tuesday morning, Cruz laid out all the facts short yet concisely. The Texas Republican noted how Democrats are on a collision course to destruction while embracing hyper-partisanship like never before.

After pointing out these details, the Republican lawmaker declared the GOP more than a nine out of ten chance of taking back the House of Representatives during next year’s elections.

Finally, Cruz noted that once the new lawmakers join Congress, current Democrat lawmakers (like Reps. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Eric Swalwell) will find themselves out and therefore much less busy.

The polls backup what Cruz is saying. Multiple polls show Americans are worried about matters dealing with the economy. Yet, Democrats in Congress and Joe Biden are doing nothing to address this.

Democrats are actively trying to worsen the economy’s condition by attempting to pass yet another spending bill. It ends if Democrats are voted out of the office and no longer have enough congressional seats to pass Biden’s agenda.

As many Americans might have already guessed, the responses to Cruz’s Tuesday morning tweet regarding the midterms were very partisan.

Republicans and other right-wing social media users agreed with the senator. One person even said the message should go to the ears of God from the mouth of Cruz. Conservatives also pointed out the strong cases Republicans should make as to why voters should elect the following year.

Democrats, of course, were far less pleased. Many leftists complained about the tweet and otherwise claimed Cruz was lying to himself. Nevertheless, left-wingers’ responses denying the likelihood of Republicans taking back the House of Representatives next year merely speak to Democrats’ disconnect.

In generic ballots for the midterm elections, Republicans lead Democrats by double digits.