RFK, Jr Blasts Biden Administration Over Border Crisis Blunder

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. penned an op-ed published in Newsweek on Friday in which he laid out the flaws in the Biden Administration’s lofty border regulations — or lack thereof.

He didn’t hesitate to call Biden out for opening the floodgates that have damaged our nation’s economy and security. Joe Biden is allowing illegal immigrants to bombard our nation without any recourse, nor care for the inevitable consequences that will ensue. It’s almost as though it’s intentional. Some conservatives and liberals alike argue it is.

The New York Post recently shamed the Biden Administration’s claim that roughly 45,000 people crossed the border and were scheduled to go before a judge in July. The figure was off by a staggering 334%.

RFK, Jr. reiterated those claims, noting, “Biden’s loose border policy has been a disaster. Under Biden, it’s easier for migrants to enter illegally than legally. His policy is tantamount to ‘narrow gate, no fence.”

Is RFK, Jr. wrong? Americans have spent the last two years facing a supply shortage in the real estate market, and yet the Biden Admin claims we house an extra 1.8 million people per year. That figure doesn’t include those who come into the U.S. unnoticed.

RFK, Jr. traveled to the border this summer and relayed his concern that it was the U.S. government that was paying to transport illegal immigrants to wherever they wanted to go. Yuma County, Arizona District 2 Supervisor Jonathan Lines told RFK, Jr. he was one of only two democrats who had bothered to check up on the situation in Yuma in person.

What RFK, Jr. found in Yuma were not success stories from asylum seekers. Rather, seekers of the American dream were lined up like cattle. Herded across countries by drug cartels and often separated from their families, many of these people come into the U.S. missing a wife or daughter who may have been sold into trafficking systems to exploit them.

Further, as those families come into the U.S., many of their children are being exploited on American soil by our workforce they are eager to jump into.

In February 2021, Biden moved into office eager to have his administration strip away every rule and regulation that President Donald Trump had put into place. Destruction of the border wall was just one of many bold moves the Biden Admin made.

Two-and-a-half years later, the United States is falling into disrepair that has rendered many of its greatest cities unrecognizable. Illegal immigrants are pouring into metropolitan areas by the busload with nowhere to live.

Gov. Maura Healey (D-MA) declared a state of emergency in August due to the influx in Massachusetts’ population. She asked residents to open their homes to hosting illegal immigrants who may otherwise be forced to live on the streets.

The New York Post reported on September 4, 2023, “New York City has forked over $35 million to a pair of nonprofits to house migrants at hotels in Manhattan and Queens — part of the $5.2 billion racked up so far to navigate the growing crisis.”

As for the border wall, RFK, Jr. was humble enough to admit he had changed his mind about Trump’s wall, although he doesn’t think it necessarily needs to be as long as Trump intended.

RFK, Jr. addressed an angle in his op-ed that often gets lost in the media blitz: It’s not just border towns that are at risk.

Your city is at risk. My city is at risk. The small towns many grew up in where their parents and grandparents were raised will soon be at risk. Goodbye, Mayberry.

RFK, Jr.’s take on illegal immigration sounds like a far cry from what most democrat politicians support — and that’s because it is. Just one day after his op-ed was published, The NY Times published their own analysis of RFK, Jr.’s take on politics — painting him as a would-be Libertarian.

As reports of his meeting with Chair of the Libertarian Party, Angela McArdle, leak out onto the campaign trail RFK, Jr. has emblazoned across New Hampshire — often touted as the most LIbertarian state in the nation — it’s hard to ignore the writing that may be on this wall.