RNC Delivers Major Conservative Win For Republicans

The Republican National Committee (RNC) voted to install Michael Whatley as national chairman and Lara Trump as co-chair. Donald Trump’s own handpicked leadership team effectively filled the national party with true America First patriots.

Michael Whatley, a North Carolina Republican who has made election integrity a priority after the 2020 presidential election, has become the new national chairman, replacing the former RINO chair Ronna Mcdaniel.

Lara Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, has expressed appreciation for being voted in and has expressed her aim of focusing on fundraising and media appearances.

Lara has promised if she was elected co-chair she would spearhead the largest legal ballot-harvesting operation in history. Ballot harvesting or ballot collection involves knocking on registered voters’ doors gathering mail-in ballots and returning them to the election office in that city.

Chris Lacivita one of Trump’s top advisors in his campaign will be spearheading the RNC promising sweeping changes in the national committee and staffing moves to align the party with Trump’s America First Agenda 47 policies.

Illegitimate concerns were raised about the RNC using funds to pay Trump’s legal bills, but Lacivita has made assurances that no RNC or campaign money will be distributed for this purpose.

A resolution was brought to the table for this specific reason. Henry Barbour, a committee member from Mississippi, drafted a resolution that would bar the party from using funds to pay for Trump’s legal bills. But what was not disclosed in this resolution was barring the RNC and its leadership from supporting Trump as the nominee until he reaches the 1,215 delegates needed.

The new leadership team plans to fully embrace President Trump’s focus on election integrity.