Ron DeSantis is Fighting Back Against the Mainstream Media

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is frequently targeted by the left-wing media.

When DeSantis refused to adhere to draconian COVID-19 restrictions, the media branded him as reckless, dangerous and disregarding the health of the elderly.

The media also has a tendency to criticize DeSantis’ leadership of Florida as a whole. That comes in spite of all the Democrats who regularly vacation in the Sunshine State.

Right now, the Florida governor is up for reelection. Data shows that DeSantis has consistently outraised the Democrats who are most likely to challenge him.

In a new campaign ad, however, the Florida governor takes the fight to the mainstream media.

The “Top Gov” of America
In DeSantis’ new gubernatorial campaign ad, he dons attire mirroring the iconic ‘Top Gun’ movies starring Tom Cruise.

While wearing this attire, the Florida governor speaks at a “Freedom Headquarters” air base about how to best take on the mainstream media.

The rules involve not accepting the narratives of the mainstream media, never giving in to them, and always returning fire after coming under attack.

DeSantis has been clear on many prior occasions that he’s not going to allow the mainstream media to bully him or run over him.

During press conferences and other speaking engagements, the Florida governor plainly stated that when the press comes after him, he’ll be “punching back” accordingly.

A Shoo-in For Reelection?
In the Florida gubernatorial election, DeSantis is most likely to face either Charlie Crist or Nikki Fried in the general race. He’s outraised and out-polled both Florida Democrats, despite them regularly taking shots at him via social media.

Furthermore, under DeSantis’ leadership, the Florida GOP went from being significantly behind Democrats in voter registration numbers to now having over 100,000 more voters registered than Democrats.

This has largely been credited to DeSantis refusing to follow the trend set by blue states in 2020 and 2021. Many Americans became Florida residents in 2021 alone, which tracks with the newfound voter registration lead the state’s GOP has over Democrats.

Between DeSantis’ leadership on COVID-19, his defense of children’s education and other vital issues, many Floridians are excited to re-elect him as their governor.