Russell Brand Launches Attack Against The ‘Great Reset’ and Green Energy ‘Agenda’

British-born comedian Russell Brand is calling out the green energy movement and speaking out about Bill Gates purchasing farmland across the U.S., claiming that it’s all part of “The Great Reset.”

During a rant on a recent episode of his podcast “Under the Skin,” Brand discussed the left’s true motivations that they are attempting to hide behind their green energy movement, and how it’s affecting farmers around the world.

The 47-year-old comedian pointed out that, while people “should be respectful to the Earth… [and] believe in responsible energy,” these movements should be focused on aiding “ordinary people” and not benefiting “centralized power.”

Responding to protests from Dutch farmers, Brand asserted: “This is connected to the land grab of Bill Gates. This is connected to the corruption of companies like Monsanto. This whole fertilizer situation is a scam. They present it as a green ideology.”

“‘Oh, we can’t keep using these fertilizers,’ And anyone who lives in the rural area will know that when those fertilizers get used, you think, ‘Oh God, this is a bit dodgy.’ But the reason that farmers are using those fertilizers is because it’s necessary economically because of the pressure they’re under financially because of — often because of government-enforced imperatives,” he added.

According to Brand, the global elites’ plans for a “Great Reset” will be ushered in via their green agenda, as the left commonly hides their more unpopular schemes behind more popular proposals.

“The objective isn’t to get the farmers to behave in an organic, responsible ecologically apposite manner, no, far from it. It’s in order to bankrupt the farmers so that their land can be grabbed,” Brand said. “This shows you how ‘The Great Reset’ operates. It uses a green agenda. And just so you know, I agree with the green agenda. I think that the planet should be treated with love and respect that we should see ourselves as in harmony with it.”

“But when regulations are passed down from a globalist level and it affects the lives of ordinary farmers, it is the duty of all of us to support them, to stand in solidarity, to give them time to make those transitions, to say to the farming and agricultural community, ‘we’ll support you by buying your products,’” the comedian insisted.

Brand went on to assert that the left’s push for organic farming actually has sinister motives, claiming that governments and elites are attempting to ‘displace’ the ordinary people by bankrupting them and ruining their livelihoods.

“The displacement of the people is the desired endpoint,” he claimed. “The disempowerment of the farmers, the bankruptcy of the farmers is the desired endpoint. That’s what… ‘oh no, we were just trying to create more organic farms.’ Look what’s happened. We f***ed up the livelihood of all these ordinary people. That’s not- it’s not a mistake, they’re trying to f*** up ordinary people.”

Brand has recently become a popular figure on the right, especially because of his comments regarding Canada’s authoritarian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, and his blunt remarks on the shallow, vapid lives of most Hollywood celebrities.