Russia is Now Reporting on Biden Family Corruption

Russia held a press conference last week to bring up the bombshell of Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, funding biolabs in Ukraine.

Hunter left his laptop at a computer repair shop, which led to an explosive story that was picked up by the New York Post and censored by Twitter. The topic was squelched across social media and brushed off as “Russian disinformation” by high-ranking intelligence officials. But the laptop, as has recently been confirmed by even those who denied its authenticity, is real. And its contents reportedly hold evidence implicating the Bidens — not just Hunter — in historic corruption in Ukraine.

Even Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss halted the investigation into Hunter during the 2020 election season. Now, after almost 2 years, the investigation is still underway. Had the investigation continued during the election, the public would have been aware of the corrupt dealings of a presidential candidate’s son, and would have been able to confidently cast their vote with a clearer view of who Joe’s family is and how they operate.

This is what happens when American media — and media across the world — refuse to acknowledge the malfeasance of the current president and other governments get involved and begin speaking out about the obvious. The world is slowly beginning to see that a corrupt president is ruling the United States and is now funding the conflict in Ukraine against Russia.

The fallout from this is that there’s a strong possibility that the world may turn against Ukraine because of their previous dealings with the Biden family. And the corruption is being reported from the top levels of Russia’s government.

Biden can’t run from that and it’s going to be much more difficult for news and social media outlets to censor that information. Something has to be done with Joe; he’s now, and has been, a national security risk.

Now, Joe wants to put Putin on trial for war crimes? It’s hard to believe that a man so corrupt and deadly would want to see Putin put on trial for anything. Remember, Biden’s administration killed an innocent family with a drone strike during the withdrawal from Afghanistan and left our allies behind to fend for themselves. This was also the same man who kept checking his watch while 13 fallen soldiers were unloaded from planes after they were killed in a suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The emails on Hunter’s laptop also detail a relationship where Hunter would act as the money handler for Joe in exchange for political action in Ukraine and special treatment. Hunter made around $1 million a year with no experience. Who couldn’t look at that and get frustrated at the hypocrisy of U.S. politics?

Joe got a prosecutor fired in Ukraine by threatening to withhold money from the country. The prosecutor was investigating Burisma while Hunter was sitting on the board. And Joe couldn’t have that. The former vice president wasn’t exactly secret about the reasons, and is on record saying so.

Hunter wasn’t very secretive. At least he wasn’t after he left his laptop at the computer repair shop. A video on the laptop, which was legally obtained by the shop, showed Hunter telling a prostitute that if Joe won the election, he’d make “like a gazillion dollars.”

And now the entire story is exploding on the international stage. They can stop the mainstream media. But they can’t silence world leaders when they blow the story wide open.

Biden needs to go. If not because of the embarrassment he causes the U.S. daily, then because he seems to be a significant national security risk.