San Francisco Crime Wave Flips Mayor From Defund To Police ‘Scourge Of Criminals’

It started: San Francisco Mayor London Breed proposed $120 million in funding cuts from law enforcement to invest in African American communities.

How it’s going: “Breed on Tuesday launched an emergency police intervention in the city’s high-crime Tenderloin neighborhood over rampant drug use and related gun violence,” KPIX-TV reported. “It’s time, the reign of criminals who are destroying our city, it is time for it to come to an end,” she said with an angry tone at a press conference, the station said.

“And it comes to an end when we take steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement. More aggressive with the changes in our policies and less tolerant of all the bulls**t that has destroyed our city.”

Of course, the Black Lives Matter movement would be pleased if more aggressive police enforcement didn’t lose black lives. Why are the police shooting so many people, even in situations where it’s clear from the YouTube video that the guy doesn’t have a gun, and the officer shoots like they’re scared to get in there with their fists and fight them.

These guys are so big and have all their body armor on, the law is entirely on their side to get in a fight with a criminal that’s fighting them or someone, and they are afraid to get in there bodily and throw some fists or grapple and do wrestling holds depending on the situation. Why aren’t these officers trained in martial arts and procedures developed by police departments to deploy physical force to neutralize a problem priority for policing tactics?

Why don’t they train police in combative tickling? They can use tickling for combat against hostile assailants and suspects. The officer can first issue a verbal warning that they will get tickled if they do not stop resisting and comply with his orders. If they continue not to comply, the police officer’s partner could run up behind them and put them in a full nelson. Then the officer can safely run-up to the criminal and start tickling them.

Now that would stop me fast in my tracks. I would be scared to get tickled by a police officer. I would immediately drop my picket sign and comply with the officer’s orders. Now, other people might think they can take any tickle like it’s no problem, even deployed as a police combat maneuver, so it would be essential to run a public awareness campaign showing criminals getting tickled by police and lead these police ticklers hard. Show adamant, scary-looking guys, laughing and jerking uncontrollably, gasping for air, begging the police to stop, saying they can’t breathe, and then show them getting the cuffs put on and put into the cruiser.

And knocking their heads on the roof of the cruiser as they put them in, and cut to a close up of Donald Trump’s stern face, slowly spreading into a smile precisely like Herman Cain’s in that campaign ad.