Sarah Gonzalez Speaks the Truth We’ve All Been Wanting to Hear

Sarah Gonzalez, host of Blaze TV’s “The News” and “Why It Matters”, went scorched earth on Twitter now that freedom of speech is allowed. Gonzalez compiled everything that we’ve all wanted to say in a few tweets and the left is furious.

Gonzalez tweeted, “The FBI currently exists to entrap white men,” “Black on Black crime is a greater problem than white supremacy,” “The majority of Asian hate crimes are committed by black people,” “There are rapists and murderers at the southern border,” and many other truths that would have instantly gotten someone banned before Elon Musk purchased Twitter.

Statistically, Gonzalez is 100% correct. Black on Black crime is at an all-time high and the Asian hate crimes that were blamed on White supremacists were largely due to Black on Asian crime waves.

Gonzalez dug deeper.

“George Floyd was a criminal,” “The CDC is a danger to public health,” “Fortifying an election is just cheating,” “The greatest existential threat to America is the Democrat party,” “There are no ‘birthing people.’ There are only mothers,” “Joe Biden sniffs little girls,” and “Planned Parenthood murders babies.”

It’s truly getting deep in the new Twitter and the Democrat party should be afraid. Their lies are being exposed and their false sense of virtue signaling is going to come to a halt at some point.

The truth about the left is that they can’t back down now. They’ve gone so far that even one step back would dismantle their entire belief system. If they admit that trans men aren’t men then they have to back down on their push for children to get gender reassignment surgery. Then, they would have to give more power to parents and take away power from teachers. When that happens, they’re going to have to admit that authority is derived from parents rather than the government. The left would then have to admit that the Covid-19 vaccine mandates for children in schools went too far. See how that goes?

The slippery slope is iced over and the left’s feet aren’t firmly placed in their ideology. Breaking through one boundary at a time is the only way that the left is going to be kept at bay.