Sarah Sanders Wins Race For Arkansas Governor

If there is one thing the past two years have shown, it is that who controls a state as its governor matters big time. The differences between Republican governors and Democratic ones were highlighted in the wake of reactions to COVID-19.

Since COVID-19, red states have largely seen their economies bounce back. Meanwhile, in many Democratic-run communities, crime is out of control and people are nervous about leaving their homes.

In Arkansas, former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced her run for governor earlier in 2021. On Tuesday, Sanders crossed the line to victory.

Governor-elect Sarah Sanders
Sanders won the race for Arkansas governor, thereby making history as the first woman in the state to do so. The former White House press secretary’s run comes as the state’s current Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) is unable to run for another stunt, due to term limits.

Hutchinson did, however, congratulate Sanders on her win this week. The outgoing governor also expressed that he is proud of her efforts and knows she will do right by Arkansas.

While delivering her victory speech, Sanders shared her commitment to making Arkansas the number one state in the nation. The governor-elect likewise talked about positive experiences she had when rallying with supporters across the state.

With Hutchinson barred from seeking any more terms in office, Sanders’ win has been hailed by the conservative movement. Her successful campaign stopped Democrat Chris Jones from getting into the governor’s mansion.

Like other Democrats, Jones had a vision for Arkansas that was radically different from the successful policies that most conservatives are on board with.

Jones Concedes to Sanders
As Jones failed to win the Arkansas gubernatorial election, he did end up conceding the race to Sanders.

The Arkansas Democrat put out a statement that expressed his gratitude to all his supporters, along with congratulating Sanders on her win in the election. Jones even said Sanders’ victory posits a positive message to his own daughters.

Taking to Twitter, the Arkansas Democrat also called for residents of the state to unify and never give up. Sanders responded to Jones’ concession by thanking him and saying she will work for everyone in the state, including those voters who did not support her.