Schools Are Battling For Your Children Using ‘American History 1619 Versus 1776’

Parents have recently learned that schools are pushing an anti-racism curriculum. Now, many students are confused about the meaning of the Declaration of Independence. The American Founding Fathers demonstrated the boldness required for freedom and fostered an adoration for this nation and patriotism. But students are being told that the Declaration of Independence is false. The nation was rooted in slavery. White Anglo-Saxon Protestants drafted a constitution that was not valid.

Students are being propagandized, which propels parents to dissent at school board meetings and risk being thrown in jail for voicing their opinions. Recently residents of California have voted to eliminate teachers who advance these disruptive ideas.

Too often, liberal nonprofits like the Pulitzer Center are hell bent on making this issue worse. By deceiving students and injecting a curriculum from the 1619 Project into schools, these organizations are making our students ill-informed and anti-American. We must continue to deal with truths about our history, but slanting our children’s education against the USA is sick.

If you want to read the Declaration of Independence, you can go to But if you want to know what your children are learning, you must check out the 1619 Project. Based on the 1619 project, programs picked words from the Declaration and used them as a twisted theory. Allegations of systematic racism are used to manufacture a deceptive account of American history.

The Pulitzer Center claims that the United States is established on lies. They claim that our Declaration of Independence says that all men are made equal and blessed by their Creator with unalienable freedoms, but it does not mean it. According to the 1619 project, this promise cannot be actualized.

White men drafted the words “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” did not provide this protection for one-fifth of the country. Parents need teachers to explain how the Founding Fathers took the needed steps to move this unique nation toward freedom, despite past errors.

Statements in the Declaration of Independence were necessary to establish the modern Republic that many nations share today. This document pointed out the King of England created an outright tyranny over the states. Americans rejected this authoritarian power. Enslaved people experienced awful conditions, violent attacks, and horrific treatment.

Americans record the reasons why they were revolting. Schools used to honor the willingness to fight for our independence. George III made judges subject to his will indebted to him for their compensation. He denied us trial by jury and instead jailed people without a warrant or cause. He imprisoned colonists for imagined offenses.
Our founders vowed to one another their lives, fortunes, and honor. The king’s representatives ignored public hangings for treason, leaving bodies hanging for three or four days until they rotted. Nathan Hale’s body was left hanging for days on end. The dictator’s representatives expected we would be terrified. Instead, more Americans responded by joining the battle for freedom.