Schumer Shows The State Of The Union Is Kabuki Theater

On Tuesday, Sen. Chuck Schumer did his best-trained seal imitation at President Biden’s State of the Union speech and failed miserably. All the democrats got particular instructions on when to jump up and applause during the president’s remarks, but it looks like Schumer jumped the gun a bit too early.

The usually shameless Schumer looked a bit sheepish about the mistake, which is surprising given the man is only lying when speaking. At least it was easy to figure out what he was trying to do. On the other hand, Nancy Pelosi might have had a few too many cocktails and the State of the Union pre-party event.

The above Twitter screenshot perfectly encapsulates the clown show that is our leadership now. Kamala scowling that she is not in charge even though she has not accomplished anything in her career, a decrepit Nancy Pelosi who refuses to give up power to the next generation of leaders and Biden confused about what he is supposed to say and when is supposed to say it. Biden somehow mixed up the people of Ukraine with the Iranians.

The people in charge think that this kind of kabuki theater still works for the populace. One unexpected consequence of the pandemic has been the erosion of trust in institutions across the board. Nobody believes what they hear in the traditional media. As a result, the Biden administration has not been able to hide behind the media and now has historically bad poll numbers. The most recent Trafalgar group poll reveals a stunning 52.2% of people strongly disapprove of the President’s job performance.

Biden’s lackluster State of the Union, as well as the democrat’s gaffes in general, is not going to help the President’s polling numbers any. The American people want results. Currently, all they are getting is platitudes and bad theater. The next round of elections cannot come soon enough.