Sen. Hawley Gives Biden DHS Secretary The Business About Border Crisis

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) pressed Biden Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas this week to justify his claim that the Biden immigration and border security plan “is working.” Hawley says it’s not. And that Mayorkas and Biden officials keep repeating and promising, but the situation on the border continues to deteriorate despite their assurances.

He’s tired of hearing bureaucrats and politicians singing their pretty songs while the actual situation on the ground is getting worse. He wants to see substantial, material progress with the border crisis, and the Joe Biden administration has failed to deliver that.

While Secretary Mayorkas testified before Congress over the week about the worsening situation at the southern border, Hawley took his time to question the DHS secretary about just how it is working if that’s true.

Mayorkas didn’t have an answer. He just kept insisting that Joe Biden’s broken border plan is working without giving evidence to prove his assertion and despite Hawley pointing out that he wasn’t giving evidence, and continuing to allow the Biden official to defend his claim.

He didn’t have much to say because the Biden border plan isn’t working unless its goal is to create chaos, misery, and unsafe, inhumane conditions for many people. 

Hawley pointed out the flow of the books immigrants braving the dangers of the wilderness and the cartel has increased to massive levels, noting the Border Patrol “released data that showed two straight months of illegal border encounters above 200,000, which, as you know, hasn’t happened in decades.”

Then Hawley asked Mayorkas when Joe Biden’s plan was going to work. “So it is working,” the DHS secretary answered. He offered to walk the Missouri senator through the administration’s measures, but Hawley didn’t take Mayorkas’ bait to let the DHS official filibuster away the senator’s time.

“My question is, when will it work?” Hawley stated. And he went on to say, “Every time you go, it becomes worse and worse.” Del Rio is in the grip of a humanitarian disaster. You may spin it however you want.” Still, the administration’s lax immigration policies are creating the conditions for the border surge.” He got Joe Biden’s DHS secretary to admit “we need to do better.”

Joe Biden is no Teddy Roosevelt, that’s for sure. Roosevelt was a rugged yet sensitive, strong, and intelligent man. Biden is fake and rugged for his political persona but a thin-skinned, fragile egotist with no self-respect and a bumbling buffoon in place of Roosevelt’s sensibility and delicacy.

And he’s almost certainly not vital. Teddy Roosevelt got into real fights with other men. Joe Biden tells stories about fights and brags that he’d be so lucky to fight random people that bully him at his speeches. Loudmouths like that are never actually solid or good at fighting. And we all know Joe Biden isn’t intelligent. Joe Biden knows Joe Biden isn’t intelligent. That’s why he plagiarized and had to drop out of the 1988 presidential race for it.

But even if Joe were a modern Teddy Roosevelt, immigration policy is not where you murmur but carry a big stick. You draw in all these natural, human people, whose lives matter to God as much as Americans lives, and then hit them and corral them with the big stick. It is a disgrace to our country and so sad for all these migrants that our government can’t get it together.