Sen. Rand Paul: “Biden Wasted $52,598,515,585 But Who Got The Money?”

Republican Senator Rand Paul likes to point out the exceedingly terrible waste, fraud, and abuse of government funds under the Biden-Harris maladministration. He has decided that the end of 2020 is a good time to recount all the ways we are getting taken advantage of by the Democrats.

Joe Biden was installed as a puppet dictator for the Democrat Party to bilk the American people out of billions of dollars, $52,598,515,585 to be exact. Paul’s office considers this spending as fraudulent or irresponsible. It included “an investigation of pigeons betting on gambling machines, studies on children’s nourishment, and an initiative to tell Vietnamese people not to consume their trash.

Paul’s list of what he considers waste does not include the real culprits. Who is benefiting from these billions of dollars? Someone is pulling down a salary or getting paid consulting fees from government contracts. That is the investigation we need! We’ve all seen and heard this shtick before. Oh, dear! The government is wasting our tax dollars! Aren’t you mad!

By and large, idiots still ask what they were thinking when they put this junk into these bills? Think about it. Billions have been taken COVID-related funds, which go into the pockets of government agents, employees, and contractors. Everyone who gets paid working for a bloated and incompetent federal government is taking money out of your pocket.

This maladministration’s criminal activity is expected. Every presidency includes graft for the friends and family members of the employees. And the connected members of the donors, lawyers, staff, and campaign get to suck money out of our federal appropriations bills. More money is squandered for liberal programs because the government has become a self-sustaining cesspool of communistic corruption.

Paul is taking after William Proxmire, who put these sorts of records in use. As an illustration of a decent representative taking his oversight requirements seriously, Proxmire and Paul think that simply telling people how bad it is will get our ire up. That is a start, but we are sick and tired of this garbage. The only way to make it stop is to name names. Tell us who is getting paid for doing this make-work nonsense.

Senate and House occupations require the honorable members of Congress to do their job. Paul is carrying on the custom, which is nice to see. But Rand needs to take this a step further. These numbers are getting larger every year. Joe Biden, the likable grandfather figure who would make a Walmart greeter than a president, is the poster child for influence peddling and public theft.

If Breaking Bad Better had passed the Senate, waste, and corruption would be even more prominent and extreme. The entire bill is a payoff to Democrat cronies. Joe Biden is just a proxy for Democrats to build up an inheritance for his friends and family at our expense. After 2022 Republicans can win back the House and guarantee that these types of oversight take place. The people who have ripped us off the need to be held accountable to safeguard a reasonable spending plan. It is legalized theft that has been going on for centuries.

But that is a holiday pipe dream and a New Year’s Resolution that will never happen.