Senator Introduces Bill That Bypasses Biden on Southern Border

The southern border wall shouldn’t be off the table. The surge in illegal immigrants is showing no sign of slowing down. Though a wall can’t be the only measure to keep illegal immigration low, it should be one of many measures the federal government takes to keep citizens and migrants safe.

It might not surprise you to learn that there’s a massive amount of construction equipment at the border that was going to be used to build the wall. That material is being guarded at the cost of around $3 million per day to make sure the material is protected. Ultimately it will be cheaper to build the wall than to continue guarding the materials if it sits there long enough.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IO) has a perfect solution to get around federal government approval to complete the border wall. Ernst introduced the BUILD IT Act (Senate Bill 4294), which would allow states to use federal materials that haven’t been used to build barriers.

It almost sounds like a desperate attempt to get the southern border crisis to slow down and leave the federal government out of the equation. The federal government hasn’t lifted a finger to make things better and in fact, ending Title 42 is going to make things worse.

In a statement about the bill, Ernst said, “We are witnessing a crisis of historic proportions at our Southern border under the Biden administration. President Biden’s refusal to take action at the border has been a disaster, but his decision to cancel border barrier projects that were already underway is literally costing taxpayers billions.”

It’s more hypocritical than anything else. The U.S. can send $40 billion to Ukraine to protect its border, but it’s out of the question to spend the money necessary to protect our own border.

Ernst continued, “Here’s a simple solution, Mr. President: let’s put these materials to use, let’s end the taxpayer-funded waste, let’s stop the unprecedented flow of illegal migrants, and let’s build it!”

Outside of an emotional view of the southern border, it makes complete sense to build the wall and slow the flow of migrants. The problem is, too many are looking at the situation with emotion and without logic.

The spending is even worse than you might think. Since building the wall was suspended, the U.S. has spent $1.8 billion to $2 billion thus far according to a report by Republicans in the Government Operations and Border Management Subcommittee of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

That funding could have been spent to solve the problems we have rather than put the building plans on standby.

The bill has many co-sponsors that are advocating for states to use the materials to block illegal immigration traffic. The bill also comes after Governor Gregg Abbott (R-TX) said that he was placing a $250 million down payment to continue the border wall and this bill is one step toward strengthening our national security.