Senator John Kennedy ‘Roasts’ Biden’s Crack Pipe Plan

National treasure Senator John Kennedy did not pull any punches when asked about President Biden’s new roughly 30-million-dollar plan to allegedly provide excellent new ‘crack pipes’ to crack addicts. Sure, things like syringes and fentanyl strips are included in the plan. Still, Senator Kennedy honed in on the pipe angle in an interview with Fox News, saying: “But Biden doesn’t seem to worry that much about ordinary Americans unless they’re part of some minority group that he deems worthy. In this case, crack addicts and crack dealers.”

You can see the whole thing in all its glory here:

Twitter was no less kind with #bidencrackpipes trending.

The White House went into immediate damage control, stating that “safe smoking kits/supplies” in the grant would not involve an actual crack pipe but would instead include things like lip balm. It is unclear how lip balm makes smoking crack safer, but who am I to argue with the Administration when it has been so spotted in the last two years following “the science.” Practical concerns aside, it is also not a good look for Biden since some would argue he bears some responsibility for the crack epidemic himself.

Maybe the Administration feels terrible about being partially responsible for the rise in drug overdoses during the pandemic by imposing lockdowns that did not work but instead destroyed people’s lives? Biden also helped author the infamous 1986 crime bill, which many argue resulted in mass incarcerations due to the stringent sentencing guidelines for crack cocaine compared to other drugs.

Regardless of the reasons behind the Administration’s support of the program, even if the safe smoke kits do not contain actual crack pipes, the explicit purpose of the program is to assist drug addicts in continuing to use drugs. There must be a better way to spend 30 million dollars by investing in early prevention and outreach. For sure, President Biden has demonstrated his inability to control the narrative, especially when Senator Kennedy is involved.