Senator Rubio ‘Crushes’ Socialism And Its Flag Bearer AOC

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) recently commented that capitalism was “irredeemable.” She points out that, at its core, it is about making profits at all costs. She then proceeded to conflate the desire for profit with the destruction of the environment and all other ills of the world. Not surprisingly, Senator Marco Rubio vehemently disagrees with her assessment of the system that has produced the most wealth in the history of the world.

Appearing on Hannity on Fox News, Senator Rubio correctly argues that most businesses are small businesses. The only system where a citizen can start a business is our current one. Freedom is required to engage in the entrepreneurial spirit, and socialism is antithetical to freedom because it is all about control.

Top-down socialism requires control of the economy and what each citizen is allowed to do in that economy. The Green New Deal is all but impossible unless you drastically decrease the energy consumption of the populace because of the inconsistency of alternative energies. The Democrats know this, and they do not care. They welcome it because it is not about the expansion or growth of the economy. It is about deciding who gets what.

Once they decide who gets what and not the market, it is simple to redistribute wealth to the elites. Control equals concentrated wealth for them. They make the argument about the top one percent, conveniently ignoring that the median wage of the United States is around $34,000. That means that half the population makes above that number which places them in the top one percent of the world. No other system has ever come close to lifting many people into economic success.

Marco Rubio makes the tired cliché that if AOC likes socialism, she should move to Cuba or another country that embraces socialism. She will not do that because AOC cares about power and wealth. Cuba already has entrenched elites, and she is not part of that club. She wants to become an entrenched elite here and use socialism. You can do that with capitalism, and it just requires personally providing value to others. AOC would instead take that value from the producers than put in the work herself.