Serena Williams “Sexism” from 2013 Exposed

Last week, political pundit Dave Rubin brought forward a 2013 video in which Serena Williams, who is possibly one of the best female tennis players ever, disclosed that men dominate women in tennis.

During an appearance on the David Letterman Show in 2013, Williams revealed that Andy Murray, who was considered one of the “Big Four” players at the top of men’s tennis at that time, “joked” about the prospect of facing her in a match.

She replied that she would lose against him with zero points in almost every round in a matter of only a few minutes.

She thinks that women’s tennis and men’s tennis are two entirely different sports altogether because men are able to play it with a lot more power, speed and strength.

According to Rubin, Williams was only “admitting” the biological difference that exists between men and women, which is now considered by many liberal opinion-makers to be a “taboo” subject.

Different studies in the magazine Quillette have confirmed time and time again that men are 33% more muscular, have 30% less fat on their bodies,30% more blood flow and 11% more oxygen intake. This amounts to better stamina, breath control and strength, which are all advantages in every sport. According to Quillette’s sources, studies also reveal that men have an upper hand in swimming by 11%, in tennis by 20% and in basketball by 52%.

Hence it is absolutely unfair to pitch women against men in sports as is being allowed these days. The injustice was recently revealed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) as they declared Lia Thomas, who is a biological man, the winner of a women’s swimming competition.

Even Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner — an Olympic gold medalist who is also trans — did not acknowledge Thomas’s win.

Another commentator responded to the Quillette article. They said that “wokism” is the end of common sense, as biological differences are “settled science.”