Sesame Place Theme Park Accused of Racism Due to Missed Hug

The Sesame Place Philadelphia children’s theme park is being blasted with accusations of racism based on a number of short video clips that show park costumed characters ignoring some black children after stopping to hug and greet some white children.

The mother of the girls shown in the videos now says that she is considering legal action against the park on allegations of unlawful discrimination.

The controversy arose from an initial video clip that shows a park employee wearing a Rosita character costume marching in a parade and waving to and greeting kids.

The clip shows the employee stopping to hug two white children and then failing to acknowledge two nearby black girls. The character is seen shaking its head “no,” apparently confirming racial discrimination in the mind of the girl’s mother.

The video went viral on social media and progressive left-wingers immediately raised the call for the park employee to be identified and fired. The park issued a statement indicating that it determined the employee simply did not see the girls because of the difficulty involved in seeing out of the costume.

The park also said that it has a policy of making sure every character interacts with as many kids and families as possible. The statement also said the employee in question felt terrible about the incident.

The statement also said that when the employee made a “no” hand gesture that was captured on the video clips, it was not directed at the girls or any specific person. Instead, the employee was responding to multiple requests from a parent in the crowd for the Rosita character to hold their child for a photo. The company said employees are not allowed to hold or pick up children at any time.

Social media racism accusers began scouring other videos looking for situations where they could claim Sesame Place employees ignored black children. They posted and shared some clips shorter than 15 seconds and lacking context that was used to argue the park is racist.

Attorney B’Ivory LaMarr represents the family of the two black girls shown in the first video and said, “Today is a day of accountability.” He described what he said has occurred at the park for “months and years” as “utterly disgusting and unacceptable.”

LaMarr told reporters that “all options are on the table.”

Even though the employee in question was following company policy, the park has announced that it will force all employees to undergo “racial bias training.”