Some Schlub Named Chris Vickery Wants Unvaccinated People To Die

From Santa Rosa, California, Chris Vickery claims to be a cybersecurity expert cited by New York Times, Forbes, Reuters, BBC, LA Times, and Washington Post. Twitter has verified that he is who he said that he is. Therefore, he is a blue-check member of the establishment in good standing, and as such, he can pass judgment on who should live or die. 

He must believe that medical care is not a right and that vaccination status determines the new unprotected class of people ripe for extermination because, on October 13, he Tweeted: “Set a date now. After that date, no hospital services for the willingly unvaccinated.”

Remember when Sarah Palin discussed death panels and medical boards which could determine who lives and dies? Everybody ridiculed her, right? Who is laughing now? Not us. 

Just in case you didn’t get it, he repeated himself nicely and slowly. “Seriously. Pick a date now. Make it something like December 1, 2021, and broadcast this fact widely. Then, after the chosen date, anyone choosing to refuse the covid-19 vaccine can deal with the consequences of that choice alone.”

Notice Chris has the magic blue stamp of approval. Therefore Twitter approved his account and protected his speech as long as he kept parroting the company line. 

Should we beg Chris to let us live? Suppose you have a high BMI, diabetes, a heart condition, vascular complications, smoking history, or any other underlying conditions that prevent you from receiving the jab or taking the shot. Can you get an exemption from Chris to live? 

We have turned the slippery slope into a slip and slide. Chris may be too ignorant to understand that natural immunity from the coronavirus of someone who has recovered means they have a lower chance of reinfection and more antibodies than vaccination would provide.

Chris goes on to pontificate on human culture. He asks questions that seem to indicate that catching any disease is equivalent to a suicide pact. He assumes that millions of people are too stupid to get the vaccine, thus proclaiming that you are not suitable for the planet. 

Rather than preventing health care for drug addicts, homeless people, or illegal immigrants, Chris has decided that people who have decided not to inject themselves with an experimental drug deserve to die. 

Others have compared Chris to a cheap version of tyrants in world history. Rather than focusing totally on the well-being and health of others, he wants to kill people. Pursuing mass homicide and endeavoring to slaughter many people based on a fundamentalist belief system defines a death cult and authoritarian regime. Thank God Chris was never elected to any position of power, nor was he a doctor or a nurse to enact his depopulation plans personally. 

This idea is the essence of unadulterated wickedness and evil. We have entered dangerous ground. What if hospitals refuse emergency room access for anyone who promotes this level of hostility?