Soros DA Sees Writing On Wall And Starts A ‘Controlled Retreat’

Los Angeles used to be one of the crown jewels of the Golden State. It is rife with crime, homelessness, and a mass exodus of people who have given up on the California dream. Issues like bail reform and the defunding of the police movement have negatively impacted. Another one of the reasons for the city’s downfall is Soros-backed progressive District Attorney George Gascón.

Gascón has made headlines for going big on the progressive agenda. He put in policies to decriminalize lower-level crimes. This move immediately resulted in a shoplifting crisis in Los Angeles. He then dismissed 60,000 drug convictions (marijuana, but still). These moves, among others, resulted in a staff rebellion. The Los Angeles District Attorney ignored the criticism and continued to push his radical agenda.

One of the more egregious moves was not allowing juveniles to be tried as adults, which resulted in highly lenient sentences for some profoundly severe crimes. With recall attempts percolating various groups, Gascón finally started to backtrack on the juvenile issue. Los Angeles County Assistant District Attorneys can now try juveniles as adults.

It is unclear if this move will translate into similar retreats on issues like bail and lower-level crimes, but it is a good start. Crime is skyrocketing across the United States because of similarly minded progressive prosecutors rising in the ranks.

It results from the coming of age of a class of lawyers indoctrinated into Critical Race Theory and the Diversity Equity and Inclusion philosophies percolating through the law schools for decades. Discussions that once would have been rightly laughed out of the classroom through the Socratic method are now incorporated into the syllabi of our most prestigious schools.

It is hard to say if the legal profession will continue down this woke path or if it will crumble under its weight. The results of this misinformed movement seem to be speeding the collapse along, at least in the case of Mr. Gascón. The fall cannot come soon enough.