Southwest Employee Confirms What We Already Knew About Canceled Flights

Ever since Southwest Airlines suffered a catastrophic slew of flight cancellations and delays for several days, leaving passengers stranded and disrupting massive swaths of US commerce and society, Americans watching vigilantly with trepidation about the march of medical fascism in this country knew what was going on.

Millions of us feel what we know Southwest employees feel as the Joe Biden administration continues its cruel war on American freedom, individual self-ownership, and the rule of law.

Yet, the mainstream media has continued to do what the mainstream media does best. As a matter of policy, obfuscate, spin and outright lie about what’s happening when the missing context and misinformation they spread daily from their corporate newsrooms do not suffice. Take, for instance, this Covid-1984 puff piece by a writer at Slate.

After over 2,000 Southwest Airlines flight cancellations in under a week (a third of its flight plans over that time), resulting in tens of thousands of stranded Southwest Airlines customers, Southwest claims that adverse weather conditions and air traffic control “snafus” “discombobulated their whole system,” leading to, “a cascading effect in which other flights also had to be canceled because of these labor and airplane issues piling up.”

It sounds like a load of BS, right? Because it is.

In the very paragraph offering this flimsy theory, the Slate writer notes that the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed there were delays and cancellations due to weather and a temporary air traffic control staffing shortage while admitting the truth about this fig leaf over the naked resistance of the Southwest Airlines employees who have had enough of Biden’s sick emperor’s new mask game.

The FAA issues led to delays “only for a few hours.” There were no staff shortages or inclement weather after Friday last week. The mainstream media and government keep acting like the American people are stupid.

As if the author had not admitted enough of how flimsy this theory is, they also had the scruple to include the fact that, “This appears not to be an aviation problem so much as a Southwest problem.” Oh really? Do tell more!

“Other airlines were able to carry on with minimal cancellations after Friday’s disruptions.” If it was the FAA’s fault, wouldn’t other airlines be affected? If it was a Southwest employee strike to protest vaccine mandates, then this is what we would have expected to see over the last week.

The truth did out well over the week, as someone with knowledge of the real reason for the Southwest flight cancellations spoke up to the free and independent media. A Southwest Airlines employee told Megan Fox at PJ Media that the canceled flights were a coordinated protest against vaccine mandates.