‘Space Force’: The Final Frontier Of Government Corruption

In 2019, President Trump founded the newest branch of the US Military, the Space Force. The United States Space Force Act authorized, organized, trained, and equipped this armed force. The mission of the Space Force is to “provide freedom of operation for the United States in, from, and to space prompt and sustained space operations and protect the interests of the United States.”

Of course, Democrats are now seeking to undercut and dismantle this military program. 

Can a nation sustain itself when it is lurching between two extremes? We allocated funds to build a wall, and anti-president dementia riddled Joe Biden, and his crack staff wants to tear it down. We are seeking to strengthen the American military, and the Democrats want to weaken it. 

That is giving us all whiplash. Do you think that our enemies are not pushing Democrats to the end of the Space Force? 

It is the nature of warfare to demoralize and create confusion in your rivals so that you can take advantage of them. The Chinese and Russian military are increasing their space capacities. 

Yet, California liberal Democrat Representative Jared Huffman (CA) has proposed the No Militarization of Space Act (NMSA). He is looking to garner support and co-sponsors in Congress defund Space Force. Congress is currently debating the yearly authorization for the Pentagon budget called the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). 

Doing this only to spite Donald Trump is foolish. However, Trump was not going to be bullied by our enemies. He consistently took it to China and beat them back. Therefore they could not abide by his continued leadership or influence in our government. Whatever the CCP spy network was designed to do, it has moved into another phase as it seeks to direct our national and foreign policy. 

Bernie Sanders is in favor of abolishing the Space Force, as well as his merry bunch of misfits in the Democrat Party such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Rashida Tlaib (MI), Maxine Waters (CA), and Chuy Garcia (IL).

Huffman claims that the Space Force compromised our harmony with other nations and blatantly squandered billions of dollars like an excellent radical leftist. He said he wants to focus on local and global needs like combating COVID-19, environmental changes, and ending financial disparity or poverty. 

When looking for clues into the motivations of politicians, it is wise to follow the money. Who is funding Hoffman? His major donors include Susie Tompkins Buell, a friend of Hillary Clinton and top Democrat benefactor. His actions have shut down oil and gas creation in California. 

He has gotten donations from casinos, gambling, railroads, labor unions in transportation, building, and real estate. He has substantial income from property he owns in Washington DC, renting space to other congress members, and always interesting sources. 

He also invests in information communications and telecommunications, including Oracle, Google, and Disney. China has asserted its control in many business models when interacting with the CCP or determines the content of certain movies which donate overwhelmingly to Democrats.

Could this move to kill the Space Force be a bid to make China happy? Did any of these lawmakers receive input from China’s lobbying activities?  Are compromised Big Tech companies exerting more significant influence in the swampy corruption racket that has been documented in Congress.

Do not forget about Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell (CA) and the compromising positions Fang Fang the Chinese Jane Bond put him in. Also, Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein (CA) had a Chinese agent as a driver and gopher. And do not get started on Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s stepson Christopher Heinz and Devon Archer. The investment company Rosemont Seneca Partners has done business with a Chinese portfolio manager. 

To paraphrase Gene Roddenberry, Space Force: “the final frontier of American power. These are the journeys of the Biden Enterprise. Its four-year mission is to explore strange new ice cream stands and seek new cronyism to ruin civilization. To boldly go where no 78-year-old man has gone before and weaken the US military!”