State Department Makes It ‘Harder’ For Americans To ‘Flee’ Ukraine Into Poland

The Biden Administration is beginning to understand that it is completely impotent, and Vladimir Putin of Russia can do whatever he wants with Ukraine. The US pulled most of its diplomats from its embassy in Ukraine and advised all Americans to leave the area immediately. Oddly enough, the State Department makes it more difficult for some Americans to flee the potential conflict.

In a release on February 12, 2022, the Administration indicated that US citizens would need a valid passport and proof of COVID vaccination to leave Ukraine’s western border into Poland. No guidance on what shots are required to qualify as a vaccinated person. It is no small detail given the continual moving of the goalposts from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers For Disease Control (CDC). Are two shots and a booster sufficient? What about the now-defunct J&J (Johnson & Johnson) shot? Is Russia’s vaccine even appropriate to ask about? Let us throw a titer test requirement to make the fleeing citizens work for it.

It reveals that the Biden Administration is focusing on the vaccine requirement for its citizens when it is allowing 2 million people (about the population of Nebraska) in through the Southern border annually with nary a vaccine requirement insight. Especially telling is that it does not appear that Poland is imposing a mandatory vaccine requirement for the fleeing Americans. You can currently enter Poland with proof of a negative test and then quarantine. An argument should be made to waive these restrictions as well, given PCR tests are probably difficult to obtain in Ukraine at the moment.

The Biden Administration can decrease the probability of Ukraine war by simply assuring Russia that NATO will not admit Ukraine into the alliance. There is little chance it will happen, so there is little to lose by admitting that fact, but the President may secretly be wishing for war to distract the country from his incompetence and cratering poll numbers. Instead of staving a conflict, the Biden Administration is content to make it harder for its citizens to avoid the danger. No one should be surprised because President Biden cannot even get a retreat right as Afghanistan showed the world.