Ted Cruz Solves The Energy Crisis By Himself

Senator Ted Cruz’s office put out a press release on March 4, 2022, where the senator laid out his plans to make America energy independent again. The proposed legislation, called The Energy Freedom Act, accelerates Federal leases and projects in the energy sector. The senator seeks to undo the damage done to American energy by the Biden administration.

President Biden declared war on domestic energy production the moment he took office. He canceled the Keystone Pipeline, stopped drilling on federal lands and assumed active measures against fracking. Strangely, the administration is about to make a deal with Iran to try and make up for the shortages created by the war in Ukraine.

An argument can be made that Biden bears some responsibility for the current crisis by pausing sanctions on Russia for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The pipeline would bypass Ukraine and increase Germany and Europe’s dependence on Russia for its energy. The EU’s disastrous switch to renewables has resulted in Russia having excessive leverage and bolstered its confidence enough to move on to Ukraine.

Senator Cruz eloquently put Biden’s moves into perspective.

Biden is not concerned about energy independence. He is accountable to his party’s far-left part, which has a cultish adherence to the Green New Deal. At least publicly. It is hard to take a left seriously when what they say is at odds with what they do and, more importantly, how they spend their money.

Note the date on that tweet. That was Obama’s first beach house. He recently doubled down on an oceanfront property and bought a waterside mansion in Hawaii. The former president is not too worried about rising sea levels.

Like the lockdowns were not about your health, the green hysteria is not about the environment. They are both about power. Ted Cruz knows that an energy-independent America is a strong America. That is the last thing Biden and his handlers want. Let us hope the Energy Freedom Act passes.