Tennessee is Moving to End Drunk Driving Permanently

Drunk driving is a reckless, irresponsible, and criminal decision that has unnecessarily claimed the lives of so many people. Likewise, with taxis, cabs, and rideshare services, there are more than enough transportation options for people who may be under the influence.

In spite of all this, drunk driving is still something that happens to this day. Many people impacted by the recklessness of drunk driving are also young children. This means their lives get turned upside down when they lose a parent, due to someone driving under the influence.

Due to the many problems that drunk driving causes, the state of Tennessee is working to end this with new legislation, according to The Blaze.

Increasing Legal Ramifications For Drunk Drivers

Both the Tennessee House of Representatives and Tennessee Senate have passed a new bill that holds drunk drivers accountable if they’re convicted of killing a parent.

Drunk drivers who fall into this category will be required to pay child support to the late parents’ children until they turn 18. On top of this, any child support payments will have to be in keeping with the lifestyle the child experienced before they lost their father or mother.

It’s also worth noting that drunk drivers who end up going to prison as a result of their crimes won’t be let off the hook either. Within one year of leaving incarceration, drunk drivers will have to begin making the appropriate child support payments.

Support for increasing legal ramifications for drunk drivers is not partisan. Republicans and Democrats alike support it, seeing as the legislation won every single vote in the state’s House and Senate.

During times when political division and partisanship are so strong, it’s almost unheard of for a bill to get unanimous support to this extent.

Other States Could Follow Suit

At this time, the legislation regarding drunk drivers who hit and kill parents has yet to pass. Right now, the next step is for Governor Bill Lee (R-TN) to sign the legislation so it can become a law.

Meanwhile, news of this bill out of Tennessee is going viral online. Many social media users have said other states should follow Tennessee’s lead and pass similar bills.

The overwhelming view here is that legislation of this type would significantly reduce the number of people who get behind the wheel when they’re in no condition to drive.

Time will ultimately determine if drunk drivers nationwide are subjected to these latest proposals.