Terry McAuliffe Angrily Defends Endorsements From Anti-Police Groups During Campaign Appearance

Former Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia finds that his campaign to retake office is not as popular outside the D.C. beltway region as with the corporate media and government elites. McAuliffe erupted on Wednesday when Montgomery County Sheriff Hank Partin dared to question McAuliffe’s acceptance of endorsements from radical anti-law enforcement organizations.

The outburst came during an event in Roanoke hosted by the Virginia Sheriff’s Association, during which Partin questioned McAuliffe about his endorsement by the New Virginia Majority. That group wants to defund police, abolish prisons, and dissolve the federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency. Partin asked the former governor about his statement that he was “proud” to accept the endorsement.

McAuliffe responded by defending the endorsement and attacking Partin for asking him about it. McAuliffe said he proudly accepts any endorsements, saying that he gets “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds” of them and that he doesn’t know whether they support “defund the police.” He went on to demand if the sheriff was out of his mind.

McAuliffe was asked if he would commit never to defund law enforcement. He angrily said that he “will not dignify that with an answer” if his four years as governor is not enough “for you to understand how I feel.” McAuliffe’s last term as governor ran from 2014 through 2018.

McAuliffe said on Twitter that he was proud to accept the New Virginia Majority endorsement, saying that “we are going to keep Virginia moving forward.” He said the process starts with “building up a more inclusive” state and concludes with “Onward!”

Just before accepting the endorsement of the New Virginia Majority, he accepted the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, an abortion advocacy organization that also called for defunding police in Virginia in the summer of 2020.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s campaign, addressed the McAuliffe outburst, with spokesman Christian Martinez saying that McAuliffe “has a record of retaliating” when sheriffs do not give him “total loyalty.” Martinez added that the former governor has “turned his back” on officers by refusing to meet with the Virginia Police Benevolent Association.