Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton ‘Calls Out’ The CCP The Way That Democrats Should

When was the last time you heard Democrats like Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Garland, Milley, or Austin describe the threat posed by the CCP to the American way of life? Never. Exactly. The Chinese Communist Party owns this Democrat Party. Just look at Peter Schweizer’s most recent book, “Red-Handed.” The Author uncovered the Biden family’s connections to the Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese Communists seem to be plotting a way to control the United States through the Biden family and related individuals whose associations with the Chinese include criminal activities. Blocking Chinese corruption and their troublesome worldwide attacks may be left to state AGs and governors.

Even more than the Biden Administration, the CCP is attacking the freedom and liberty of everyday Americans. Breitbart News interviewed Paxton, who touched on his efforts to combat CCP influence on American politics and various corrupt aspects of our national unity and purpose.

Donald Trump hosted a rally in Conroe, Texas. Paxton joined Trump and spoke about his role in Texas as a bastion of freedom.

Trump highlighted the failures in this year of the Biden-Harris maladministration. Paxton talked about the disasters the sock puppet President Biden has created. The installed President has been horrible from Afghanistan to a radical immigration plan, a porous border, skyrocketing inflation, a supply chain crisis, vaccine mandates and passports, and increased crime.

American people are suffering thanks to the Biden-Harris maladministration. But the problems go deeper than poor leadership. It is a culture of corruption, deception, and incompetence created by Democrats beholden to Chinese money that endangers this nation.

Paxton said he requests his two Democrat friends to name Biden and has done well. But they cannot come up with anything. I want to know which Texas Democrats are willing to hang out with Paxton? Paxton noted that many Republicans had documented the Biden extreme leftist plan, and state AG is lining up lawsuits.

He said we have 27 claims right, and more than 90% have gone our way. Paxton noted that conversations with 12 Republican AGs built a case to address Mexico’s problems along the southern border. Drug cartels control the coyotes and passages. Everyone that comes across pays the cartels. Therefore, this is a national issue for the AFT and DEA, and state law enforcement will step up if necessary.

Paxton is intrigued with many briefings from state police and the border patrol detained the activity on the border. His plans include inducing the professional ICE agents to uphold their oath of office. But the Biden-Harris maladministration is not interested in executing the law.

Paxton explained his strategy for challenging the anti-President’s edicts. Joe Biden has signed EOs and enacted regulations that direct infringement of the constitution and federal law. He and his team of patriots are challenging the Central American Minors Refugee and Parole Program, allowing family members of immigrants to enter the country. The Democrats use taxpayer money to welcome people who claim to be refugees.

Paxton is running for his third term as Texas AG.