Texas Election Security Law Wins In Court

In the aftermath of the 2020 presidential race, multiple states passed commonsense election security laws. These measures were designed to protect legal votes and prevent cheating. However, none of this stopped Democrats from immediately going on the attack.

The left viciously declared that any and all legislation designed to protect the integrity of elections was about racist voter suppression. Joe Biden and others even went as far as comparing election security laws to the Jim Crow era.

Various left-wing activist groups sued Texas over election security legislation that passed. However, the lawsuit failed. This means election security in the Lone Star State still stands.

A Win For Integrity in Elections
The Federal Court of Appeals determined that verifying voter identity ahead of ballots being cast is legal. Previously, litigation against the Texas election security law led to a stay being put into effect. This stay is now lifted, with the rule remaining as is.

Not long ago, similar litigation against Georgia’s election security measures was also tossed out of court. This time, plaintiffs argued the state was violating the Constitution by having voter ID laws in effect.

On social media, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) took a victory lap. Abbott, who just won his third term in office, noted that Texas will continue to uphold election security. The governor likewise stressed the importance of keeping integrity alive at the ballot box.

The legal victories in both Texas and Georgia show that when it is all said and done, pushback against election security is nothing more than noise. Voter identity verification is not a form of voter suppression, despite claims from many on the left.

A Greater Need Than Ever
Without election integrity laws on the books, many states would have elections that mirror those in Arizona.

During Election Day last week, Arizona’s tabulation machines stopped working. Many people were unsure if their votes got fairly counted and some people had to wait hours in line to cast ballots.

On the very same day, states like Texas, Georgia, and Florida were able to run clean, smooth elections, with winners and losers announced hours after polls closed.

It is vital for Americans to continue stressing the importance of having election security laws on the books. The narrative of these laws being about voter suppression is false and cannot stand.