Texas School Surprised by Backlash To 6th Grade “Queer Week”

Something that all leftists share is the surprise that their views are in the minority. One factor that draws them to education is that schools are self-enclosed bubbles, that before the pandemic no one really paid attention to what was going on. People just assumed that the schools today are like the schools they attended so they send their kids there without a thought.

Once Covid shut everything down and forced teachers to relay their messaging via Zoom, parents started to see what was being taught at schools. More parents started to get involved. Once the light began to shine on the public schools it did not stop.

Another unintended consequence of the pandemic was the people in charge got more brazen with promoting their political views, not less. The success of imposing the restrictions granted a feeling of power to the group of people who were formerly acting more or less in secret. These two factors have led to some eye-opening occurrences.

Take Miller Middle School in San Marcos, Texas. It is holding a queer week where a specific political view is foisted upon the students. You can look at the schedule here and decide for yourself if this is age-appropriate for middle schoolers. There is a debate raging across the country about who should be responsible for the complicated topic of sex and gender with school age children, especially children who have not even gone through puberty yet.

Parents were not consulted prior to the decision to enact “queer week” and some are arguing that it is in violation of state law. The Texas Attorney General has gotten involved.

Parents should be working in tandem with school administrators to craft a curriculum that is appropriate for the age of the children. Parents should also be given an option to opt their children out of any activities that revolve around issues of sex and gender. That is how schools used to work. No longer. There are two adversarial parties, one of which is pushing an ideology while the other is trying to do what is best for the children. History will not be kind to those who put politics over the well-being of the children for whom they are assigned to care.