The Army Is Allowing Brutal Shootings Of Dogs And Cats

Despite certain beliefs, the government choosing to cruelly experiment on animals for research purposes is very real.

It wasn’t too long before White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci was caught funding the torture of beagle puppies. These research experiments involved beagles being viciously eaten alive by sandflies. Despite widespread outrage from the public, Fauci never truly had to answer for this.

Now, it turns out the US Army is allowing the torture of animals for research purposes. This time, this involves the shootings of living dogs and cats.

Unethical and Illegal?
In 1983, the Department of Defense prohibited dogs and cats from being shot in order to study wounds. However, this isn’t stopping the Army Medical Research and Development Command from greenlighting these exact experiments.

News of the Army’s involvement in this arose after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) began probing the extent to which these experiments were happening.

According to PETA, the Army confirmed that not just dogs and cats, but other animals (like dolphins, pigs, and chimpanzees) have been intentionally shot with military-level weapons to review wound treatment options.

The Army did not provide more information about further particulars of these experiments, according to PETA.

Many Unanswered Questions
PETA has been clear that the Army owes Americans full transparency regarding these inhumane experiments on animals. While the Army claims further details could lead to national security issues, PETA isn’t buying it.

The animal rights group claims the Army won’t release details concerning if these animals are surviving their gunshot wounds, whether or not they’re receiving anesthesia prior to being shot, or even if the Army is intentionally killing these animals post-experiment.

Thus far, it’s unclear how the release of this information would endanger national security.

This new revelation about the Army’s treatment of animals comes as the military, as a whole, is already facing substantial issues.

These issues involve a COVID-19 vaccine mandate that’s weeding out good service members, along with plummeting recruitment rates and lesson plans that discourage the use of gender-based terms.

As the US military continues facing grave problems and scandals, leaders of enemy nations are growing increasingly hostile towards America and other western countries.