The “Art Of The Deal” Saves American Taxpayers 660 Million Dollars

To say that President Trump got negative press during his presidency is like saying that the sun is hot. A gross understatement. Mainstream news covering Trump was 95% negative during his time in the office. Like all presidents, he did some good things while others did not go as planned. The only issue is trying to find an honest assessment of his performance to separate the wheat from the chaff. Some things, however, even stand the test of time.

Take for example the deal he negotiated with Boeing for production of two brand new Air Force One airplanes.

Translation: We got outsmarted by President Trump. It is rare to find a politician who really cares about the people’s money, but in this situation, the deal was structured purposefully so that Boeing would bear the risk and not the citizens of the US. Boeing is now paying the price for agreeing to such favorable terms for President Trump. This is not how Washington D.C. usually works.

The war in Ukraine is a perfect example of ‘business as usual.’ President Biden just authorized another 33 billion dollars in aid for the country. The conflict is only entering its third month, but the amount of cash and arms provided by NATO and its partners is staggering. There is zero oversight for the aid. Many experts fear what will happen when a substantial portion of these arms fall into the wrong hands. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations in the world historically, and that is not just going to change overnight because there is a war going on.

It is likely that Trump would have been able to add preventing the war in Ukraine to his list of achievements if he would have been in office. The United States former ambassador to the country admitted as much. Just like the Boeing deal, Trump would have received zero credit for doing so. It is impossible to know what the world would look like now if the mainstream media would have treated Trump even close to fairly. One thing is sure. We would be spending way less money on Ukraine and fewer people would be dying. At least we got two new planes out of the deal.